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April 2019
Issue 63

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The April, 2019 issue of Power Fibers contains:


Quick Book Review: Letters to Garrison

A while ago, Ron Barch sent me a copy of The Letters to Everett Garrison by Kathy Scott. Due to lack of time, I hadn’t been able to read the book until recently. I’m glad I picked it up and read it!

When the book came out, I expected it to simply be a compilation of letters, similar to the Guild letters which can be found in the downloads.....

On the Importance of Letters

While researching a looseleaf notebook of letters written to classic rodmaker Everett Garrison, I came upon one from Lewis W. Douglas. It was typed on the Ambassador’s stationery, but with a handwritten note at the bottom: “I’m so sorry to hear that you went through the Valley of Darkness also. I had never known of your mishap. This makes us companions.”

Such a cryptic, personal comment from Douglas was intriguing. It must have meant something to Garrison because he kept the letter...


Using Thermocouples For More Consistent
Heat Treatment

Below is the temperature vs. time profile of my PID controlled oven and a bundle of bamboo strips in it monitored with a thermocouple attached to the bamboo...

Rodmaker Profile: Steve Taylor

PF: What are your personal favorite streams to fish?

In any order, the Au Sable system, the Manistee, and several secret Brook Trout creeks

PF: Do you have a memorable story of fishing bamboo or memories of anyone in particular people you've fished with?

Fishing a Paul Young Bobby Doerr design that I made. Catching a big Pike with it in Northern Ontario with our oldest son......

Enamel Scraping and Sanding Forms

The supplies for these Maple forms are readily available from most big brand hardware stores. The Maple forms are cut for 60 degree Hex and 90 degree quad. I use these for scraping and sanding the enamel side of the strips after they have been rough beveled and nodes treated.....

Rodmaker Profile: Harry Boyd

PF: What are your personal favorite streams to fish?

I learned to fly fish on the ponds and lakes of my native northeast Louisiana for panfish and also the trout streams of Missouri and Arkansas. Roaring River in southwest Missouri holds a special place in my heart because it is associated with family. My youngest brother and his family live in Kansas City and for several years our families met at Roaring River each Labor Day weekend. If for no other reason Roaring River will always be a special place to me.....

Twisting Rods

I started to make bamboo fly rods about 30 year ago.

For a long period, I’ve used the Tom Morgan style Hand Mill. I have made this mill myself and modified it somewhat. I can make hex, penta and quad (square) constructions. I prefer the quad as it gives more power and stiffness vs rod weight. It has also given me the possibility to make my specialty, the twisted quad bamboo rod

Rodmaker Profile: Gordon Koppin

PF: What are your favorite streams to fish?

The Wisconsin Coulees are probably the favorites because they are the closest, being only about 5 hours away. This is in spite of the fact that, as Scott Grady says, “There are no trout in WI only brown spotted creek chubs.” I also love the Adirondacks because we have a place up there, but the fishing is only sporadic, and access is limited

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