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January 2013
Issue 50

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The January, 2013 issue of Power Fibers contains:

The Widened Hex Factor

Since my beginning with bamboo rodmaking I have been very fascinated by the work of Michael Montagne. My great interest for his work is due, of course, for his capabilities of making bamboo rods but above all I’ve always been interested in his role as an innovator of the bamboo rodmaking world.

In fact, at least for my experience in taper design and for my taste, his work showed me the way of designing tapers that is better than any other....

Lining Up the Reel with the Guides

For a long time, gluing the reel seat on the rod is the last thing I do with a rod. The seat is glued in place and before the glue sets, I put a reel in the seat. I then use the open area of the reel to twist the reel and seat to line them up with the stripper guide. Dean Darling, one of my former students, came up with a simple solution for lining up the reel with the guides. With his permission I am doing this small article....


Minnesota’s Forgotten Rodmaker

With split cane fly rods, if a rod survives, the maker survives. Sometimes, the continuance is just between a fisher and the name on the fly rod in hand. In extreme cases, the maker becomes larger than life; witness makers like H.L. Leonard, F.E. Thomas, and Jim Payne, to name a few.

In the case of St. Paul bamboo rod maker Robert C. Nord, that legacy came very close to being lost. Instead, by chance, an angler in Illinois developed...

The Story of Cork, Part II

Continuing with our story of cork, we need to know that the cork has aged a minimum of nine years on the tree and the tree is at least 50 years old. It should be necessary to say how the cork is chosen as well as how the pores are defined in this precious natural product.

All cork has pores and cork without pores doesn't exist. So, all cork is rated for the kind of pores it has. The finer pores are called needle pores and open pores...

Twisting Guides

It’s been a while now since I twisted my first snake guide. It all happened when my barber, an avid fisherman, found out that I was making bamboo fly rods. So I go to get a haircut and he produces an old fiberglass fly rod with one of the snake guides missing. Wanted to know if I could fix it for him. Hey, this guy is 84 and his haircuts are fantastic. It doesn’t hurt that his shop is full of fishing stuff. So I say, “Let me see what I can do....

The Fifth European Rodmakers Gathering

Carcassonne is located in the South Westerly part of France at the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains. Famous for its delicious food and wines the area is as well rich on many splendid waters, not only holding trout and grayling but also Atlantic salmon. So everything was set for a great meeting, and a great meeting it was. Regarding the late date of the season it was very foresighted to choose a location were everything was indoors. The dome..

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