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October 2003
Issue 13

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The October, 2003 issue of Power Fibers contains:

Ferruling a Rod

Several years ago at the Grayling Rodmakers gathering I did a little demo on ferruling a rod. A number of people indicated that it was a worthwhile demonstration, and Bob asked if I would do it again for Power Fibers, so here it is.

I will run through the ferruling steps just as we do them in our shop, with a few digressions as necessary. The ultimate goal of the process is to lap....

Boise, Bamboo and the Big Sky

The bags were packed. This was it. This would be my first trip out west that did not mean sitting in the middle of a hotel lobby in the downtown Los Angeles’s business district. The iternerary: Buffalo to Las Vegas to Boise. Then, I’d make the four hour drive to Idaho Falls to participate in the 2003 Federation of Fly Fisher’s Conclave and Ralph Moon’s Bamboo Rod Symposium. Four hours? Was it worth the money that I saved by flying Southwest Airlines? It paid for the rental car...


Bamboo Rod & Fly Fishing Fair Report

The second Bamboo Rod and Fly Fishing Fair at Camp Sherman, Oregon was held on July 26th under sunny skies and a brisk wind. The wind made it interesting for those of us with tents and display racks that sometimes didn’t hold up as well as we could have hoped. I am sorry for the lack of some details, but I spent too much time checking in with all of the fair participants. The event was sponsered by both the Camp Sherman store...

Make a Linear PMQ Using a Thickness Planer

I cast a PMQ several years ago and again last year. The first was Richard Tyree’s and the other was Tom Smithwick’s PMQ. I kept telling myself, “I have to make one of
those.” Several years have gone by and I still did not get to it till now.

The thread on the Rodmakers list got me going on it again. I recently got a thickness planer....

For the Love of Cane

As one of the witnesses to my uncle’s wedding, I recall how the Priest who married them spoke of the different stages of love. While I do not remember the particulars, I remembered that he claimed that the two would soon to be untied were experiencing “romantic love,” and that this would one day grow into deeper love, “true love,” et cetera, et cetera, ad nauseum for the teenage boy who’s main concern remained the food at the reception. Somehow, though, a scrap of what he was saying...

Dyeing Cane

A while back, I took an F.E. Thomas Special rod in for repair. The owner had caught a tree on his back cast, and unfortunately delaminated the mid section with his fore cast. Along with repairing the mid section, he also asked me to build him a new tip for the rod, because one of the original tips had been broken by the previous owner and was about five inches shorter than the other


Talking about Tapers & Ferrules

There’s where it all began. Yes, it’s a broken tip from a graphite Sage rod. If graphite can support ferrule stress, bamboo also can do it. But how? I will have to invert the male and female parts. Just do it. And my collection of tapers? Just forget about them.

I cannot use just any taper with this kind of ferrule...


The Dangerous Petition, Part III

Joey looks the part of a rancher and talks often of hunting sheep, his passion. He’s the son of an Italian immigrant who came here to work the coal mines. He says,

Joey is a rod builder and we talk easily about grip designs, using a flare at the end of the grip to keep the hand from sliding back over the reel seat, and using thumb prints...

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