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April 2002
Issue 7

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The April, 2002 issue of Power Fibers contains:

The Snake Rod

Many have come to know one of my favorite rods to make is “The Snake Rod.” This rod is my 8’ 6wt, more properly known as my 8’ Supreme. For many years, it was my favorite rod to fish. The first day I took it fishing, some 10 years ago or so, I was walking from one pool to the next on a trail....

How Can You Improve on Perfection?

In a previous edition of Power Fibers I had the opportunity to evaluate the Ferrule Station Cutters manufactured by Mr. Dave LeClair of Elbridge, New York. At the time of that previous article, and even today, it is my opinion that these tools are probably one of the most innovative, operational tools that have been made available...


The Tensleep Creek Rod

I called this taper Tensleep Creek after a little stream near the town of Tensleep, Wyoming in the Bighorn Mountains. The taper is a modified Dickerson 7012. The gentle...

An Easy Way to Lap Ferrules

About the only thing I dislike about making rods is fitting the ferrules to each other. This is a task that can be tedious and hard on hands that have stiff fingers. The first few ferrules I fit were done by hand, rolling the ferrule in a strip of fine sandpaper. Later, I started fitting the male to female on my lathe. This was not the most desirable way...

The F.I.B.H. Ferrule, Part I

This article is about a bamboo ferrule I invented three years ago.

F.I.B.H stands for Fries Integated Bamboo Hexaferrule

A Short Introduction

I am a rod builder living in Denmark, Europe. I have been a professional rod maker for about 20 years....

Francis “Digger” DeGere : Renaissance Rodmaker

“We have got to keep bamboo alive. Bamboo is still better in the shorter lengths than any glass, graphite or boron.” I first read these words in 1991 and as a result became acquainted with someone who shared my beliefs. The fellow was someone special, a person who stands out in a crowd. Someone who, the the world of angling and split bamboo rods...


Full Zen: The Master’s Guide to Building Bamboo Rods

”Anyone with a fifth-grade education and twenty years’ experience can be a rod maker.” Wesley D. Jordan

“Age doesn’t necessarily bring wisdom, but you do build up a backlog of useful experiences.” John Gierach

The Catskills Gathering on Wulff Run began as all such gatherings of rod builders, new rods and tapers pour out of pickups. The talk is of quads and pentas, power and delicacy, tradition and innovation. This group seeped in its ancestry...

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