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October 2008
Issue 33

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The October, 2008 issue of Power Fibers contains:

Building the Credit River Convertible Rod

As winter turns to spring, one turns their thoughts of cold, harsh weather to thoughts of convertibles. But not the car variety, instead the convertible bamboo fly rod.

One of the first rods I built when I decided to get into building bamboo fly rods was a 9 foot three piece. It was based on a Heddon Black Beauty...

First European Rodmakers Gathering

I am sitting on a cane chair in front the entrance of the Podere Violino. It is just a couple of hours since the first European Rodmakers Gathering has concluded. I am sitting here tidying up my thoughts. Perhaps I should go and fly fish along the river Tiber...


Reel Seat Mortise Jig

Ever had a hit or miss time of aligning the height of the mortise bit when making a real seat insert? Height alignment of the mortise router bit to the center of the insert is easy with this jig. This jig will hold 4 inserts and is simple...

The “Spirit” of a Bamboo Rod

As I’ve said many times, I feel that bamboo rods have life inside. That life is what gives to them its special feeling and keeps us taking care of them as very valued properties. What makes that feeling so special? For me, the process of making a rod is an important issue where we can help to keep the spirit of the material alive. There are three steps....

Stacked Leather Grips

Before you start building a leather grip there are a few things you should consider. First is the overall look of the rod you are building. Second, the weight of the rod as a leather grip is a fair bit heavier than the classic cork grip. The leather rings cannot support themselves so you will need to “frame” the rings with either wood or cork (the wood looks better in my opinion). If you treat the leather with oil, it will darken, but will be far more resistant....

Book Review: About Trout

It may be that we do not need to know much about trout to catch some of them, at least some of the time. But history and the vacillations of humans will have made clear how much we need to know to save salmonids from ourselves. No one writing in English has told us more about trout toward that purpose than Professor Robert J. Behnke...


Building an Impregnating Chamber

This system does not, nor is it legally required to meet or exceed any government safety standards or air pressure certifications that I am aware of. All parts and materials for this project, including compressor, can be legally purchased over the counter without a license. It is considered a low-pressure system. If you build it the way I explain it here...


RodDNA 1.3 - Not Just Any Update

As the title suggests RodDNA version 1.3 is much more than an incremental update as the name suggests. It is an important major step towards version 2.0. Version 1.3 has some major new capabilities that are very important to rodmakers. In fact some of these capabilities do not exist in any of the other taper design programs. I’ll have more about...


An Alternative to Using Roughing Forms

I hear a lot of questions about making and using "roughing" forms to start the 60 degree angle on split strips. I really don't see the need for them though. I did make a roughing form before I made my first rod. I never really did use it as I found I could rough out the 60 degree angle...

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