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April 2014
Issue 56

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The April, 2014 issue of Power Fibers contains:


Well, I guess if you make rods long enough, eventually one will come back broken. This was the first time for me, a tip broken between the first and second guides. Trail-side vegetation was the culprit.....

Restoring O-8-3

O-8-3? Well many rodmakers may well know straight away what this is and those that have read Garrison’s book will doubtless have come upon his system of marking his rods. For the uninitiated, Everett Garrison first started his marking sequence in 1931 with the letter A, so the letter O represents a rod made in 1945. The first number denotes the rod length in feet....


The Ventilated Fly Rod Grip

I am a hobbyist fly rod builder. To me building rods is a pleasant pastime that allows me to relax, be creative, and escape the day to day stress that accompanies living in today’s fast paced and demanding society. I build rods for myself and I indulge in a relaxed pace, spending time in parts of the process that I find enjoyable and interesting...

Traveling Angler:
     James Reid - Living Aloha

I initially found out about James Reid from the various fly fishing forums that I frequent and found out that he was into building bamboo fly rods but more importantly two handed bamboo fly rods. At first I thought he built rods only for himself but after searching to the far ends of the internet for two handed bamboo makers I came across his web site....

A Bamboo Toaster

I have a requirement to be able heat treat strips of bamboo for a building fly rods to about 350° F. used to bake out high vacuum systems at considerably higher temperatures using heating tapes wrapped around them. It occurred to me that a similar approach might work well for this requirement. Part of the requirement is that the temperature should be reasonably close to the same over the whole length of the bamboo strips....

Making Ferrules

Ferrules are an expensive and necessary component of your split bamboo fly rod that some would like to remove from the equation all together, while others consider them to be a source of pride whenever that lovely pop sounds as the sections are parted....

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