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October 2018
Issue 61

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The October, 2018 issue of Power Fibers contains:

Rodmaker Profile: Alberto Poratelli

PF: What are your personal favorite streams to fish?

I adore fishing in the little mountain streams, where you don’t need waders.

I like going up these streams where the water flows and riffles and under each riffle there is a trout waiting.....

Depth Gauge System

It was my Danish friend and mentor, the late Preben Torp Jacobsen, fly-tier, rod-maker and author of several books, who had the idea back in the 1980s.

Setting a taper with a 60° tip on your depth gauge requires you to "zero" the tip, e.g. on a flat piece of steel. Inevitably, the tip will be round by several tens....


Rodmaker Profile: Dave Dozer

PF: What are your personal favorite streams to fish?  

I’ve been fly fishing for about 50 years and have fished quite extensively across Washington, Oregon, California, and a little in British Columbia.  I think my all-time favorite place to fish is Hat Creek in Northern California. It is a special place for me because I’ve been fishing there every May for over 30 years with the same group of guys from Northern California.  It think we know just about every rock in the creek. While it doesn’t have the reputation....

Building a Bamboo Trout Net

My wife recently challenged me to make her a bamboo trout net from the same bamboo culms that I use in making my bamboo fly rods. While I hadn’t actually built a net before, I knew most of the basics of net building, and also knew a couple of talented net builders I could go to with questions. But, the big question for me was, “Is it even possible to build a trout net from a culm of bamboo?”

I undertook this task last December as it seemed like a fun winter project to take on. I suppose it would have been much easier to just buy some bamboo flooring material, but I was intrigued to see if it was possible to make a net from a bamboo culm.....

Rodmaker Profile: Skip Hosfield

PF: What are your personal favorite streams to fish?

Before my paralytic brain bleed in 2009 took away the use of my dominant right hand and ended my fishing, I was partial to streams with brown trout. These are few in Oregon, but include the Little Deschutes, Crescent Creek, Wood River and Williamson River....

Geometry of Sections and the Like

Certainly the debate is not a new one; you may have read Garrison’s book and his discussion on shear stress, and read the interesting articles already published in the #12 and #15 issues of the Bamboo Journal. Sometimes the discussion is about the “power to mass ratio” of individual sections and at other times on stresses. We shall review the structural stress characteristic and the relationship to the physics of the cast in the case of triangular, square, pentagonal and hexagonal sections...

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