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November 2019
Issue 64

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The November, 2019 issue of Power Fibers contains:


Extreme Hollow Building—Experiences and Explosions

Some years ago there was a challenge on Clark´s classic rod page to make a 7' long #3-4 line weight rod with mass of less than 2 ounces (57 grams). I decided to try. Thereafter I have tried to find simple hollow building techinques for hand tool rod building.

To make any cane rod lighter it is common to use hollow building.....

Rodmaker Profile: Bret Reiter

PF: What are your personal favorite streams to fish?

Since moving to Arizona my favorite place to fish is the Colorado River at Lee's Ferry in the Grand Canyon. There is also a small mountain stream a couple hours away called Canyon Creek that I like. Back home it would be... 


My Learning Curve with the Worksharp 3000 and the Wide Blade Attachment

As a member of a few bamboo rodmakers forums, I am aware that several rodmakers sharpen their blades with the Worksharp 3000 (WS3000) and are happy with the results. I am also aware that this tool has frustrated others due to less than satisfactory results. They have put their WS3000 on a shelf somewhere and have gone back to the sharpening method that works best for them. Hopefully there is something for both groups in this article....

Wet Planing

Some years ago, I read where Darryl Hayashida soaked his strips before planing. I was very hesitant to try this because I had been reading about keeping the strips dry. I finally decided to give to a try and have not gone back to dry planing except for the final passes after the strips are dried in the oven.

I have been soaking strips for over 19 years and find it a lot easier on my hands......

Notes on Tapers

Early in my rebuilding experience it became clear that I'd have to learn a little about tapers. I couldn't just glue ferrules on pieces of bamboo and expect them to be anything I'd want to cast. I soon discovered that bamboo rod tapers get passed around and everyone knows a good one, but few know why. Of course, people who are good at evaluating tapers can take one look at a chart, graph, or some other table and tell exactly what a rod will do....

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