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1/26/2018 update:

The January 2018 issue is now available!


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The Current issue (January, 2018) of Power Fibers contains:


DozerBuilding a Hollow-Built Bamboo Switch Rod
(by Dave Dozer)

I thought it would be fun to document my pro-cess along the way, so here are some early photos. First, the bamboo is selected and split. For this Switch Rod, four pieces of matching bamboo were used.....(Download the issue here)


Kosmas_RodSeven Section Interchangeable Rod
(by Phil Kosmas)

When I started on this project, my vision was to build an all-purpose rod that was not only inter-changeable for a variety of conditions, but one that offered a different action supplied by two mids and four tips in variable lengths and dimensions. The rod is basically a 5/6 weight but will cast a range of lines from 4 to 7, subjectively. Depending upon the configuration.....(Download the issue here)


BergNodeless Construction
(by Ed Berg)

Nodeless construction of bamboo fly rods of-fer some advantages and requires its own tech-niques. I have developed several methods and jigs that make the process much smoother for me. What follows are some of these methods and tools. This is what works for me.

The initial step is to saw out the nodes and ap-proximately 3-4 cm on each side of the node. This leaves the beautiful straight grained.....(Download the issue here)


Spezio1Rod Turning Chuck
(by Tony Spezio)

I acquired a 6 RPM gear motor from a electric surplus company on the web. I planned to make a rod turning setup for varnishing wraps. To do this, I would need to make a rod chuck for the motor....(Download the issue here)


PeerSome Myths of Bamboo Rodmaking and
(by Dr. Peer Doering-Arjes)

What is fascinating about our craft is making a graceful, highly flexible fishing rod from a natural material, which has nodes and often has not grown straight. The deeper I became involved with rod making, the more questions arose for me about processing methods, bamboo species used, and the occurrence of bamboo. The scientific literature contains few facts about Tonkin (Pseudosasa ama-bilis, in the past the scientific name was Arundinaria amabilis), the bamboo species which is used almost exclusively for rod making.....(Download the issue here)


Kosmas_HandleMaking a Basket Weave Rattan Handle
(by Phil Kosmas)

The concept of making such a grip presented itself in the mid-2000’s when I found myself with way too much idle time. Upon experimenting with three fly grip styles; Half Wells, Cigar, and Reverse Half Wells aka Western style, I concluded that a 6.5” to 7.5” inch RHW style with its shape, taper and contours was better suited for the basket weave design and just seemed to look better than the others. After making several recent basket weave fly grips....(Download the issue here)

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